Urban Wind Turbines

Urban Wind Turbines

vertical Wind Turbines

In partnership with Hi-Energy Korea we supply and install vertical-axis wind turbines

HIENERGY KOREA’s vertical-axis wind turbines are developed for environments with mild winds and rapid changes in wind direction. The technology has been widely recognized for its efficiency around the world and has been awarded all needed certifications. 

The vertical axis small wind power generator is composed of inner and outer double blades using lift and drag power, so it responds to all winds of 360° and shows high efficiency even in the breeze. It not only reduces noise and minimizes weight through a gearless type permanent magnet generator (PMG), but also secures durability and structural stability of the product through damper technology and anodizing processing.

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In this regard, HIENERGY KOREA, which utilizes small wind power technology, provides urban hybrid streetlights and security lights, Wi-Fi repeaters, security CCTV equipment, landscape lighting and lighting towers, educational equipment, bus stops, disaster detection systems, exterior wall and rooftop power generation, blower systems using the system and building vents, a power supply system for weather observation equipment and communication equipment, a tower-type power generation system, and a small and medium-sized power generation complex are being promoted.


  • Rotor: Connected joints of blade, central axis of wind turbine.
  • Blades: Wings that rotate by the wind. Same structure as the wings of an airplane with lift rotor blades; increases accelerating force through tension and enables abrupt acceleration in wind speed. Delivers power needed for starting the blades of drag force; applicable for various types of winds; convenient to convert to lift force after acceleration through drag force.
  • Generator: A device that converts rotations of blade into electrical energy PMG-type Generator (PMG: Permanent Magnet Motor). Even if wind stops blowing, there’s no rolling resistance problem caused by zero load. Therefore, it maintains rotating status for a certain while, boasting high energy resilience when wind starts blowing again.
  • Controller: A device for charging/controlling the generated electric energy in (rechargeable) batteries.
  • Battery: Gathers the generated electricity to provide power when needed.

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