Infrared Heating

Infrared Heating

EnergieXPro partners with the leader in infrared heating, PlusHeat, to provide their range of designer inspired infra-red heating panels. They come as Aluminium heating panels, Glass heating panels and Mirrors or Towel Rails for use in bathrooms, offer unsurpassed heating outputs and are available in multiple colours, sizes and output ranges.

Infrared Heating Technology is the latest solution to low cost heating for your home or office environments. It’s easy to install, very cost effective and provides instant heat when required. It can be controlled panel by panel, so you only heat the area where you are rather than heating everywhere. The technology works by electromagnetic radiation providing heat in the same manner as the sun, which is ideally suited to your body rather than heating all the air in a room, infrared keeps you warm for a fraction of the running costs.

Infrared Heating Benefits


Infrared Products

Satin Finished Aluminium

The aluminium, powder coated satin finish infrared heating panel come with folded seamless corners and frameless edges, making for an even heat dispersion across the front surface, which make them the highest performance IR heater available.

The panel is insulated with an internal 13mm pad, making sure there is a 98% power to heat generation with no loss through the back. There are four sizes, which can be wall or ceiling mounted and our design to be placed into a suspended ceiling grid in place of the white ceiling tiles, thereby heating the room from above.

The frame-less range from Plusheat are available in 350W, 450W, 720W & 1050W power sizes with an improved carbon crystal heating element using the latest in nanotechnology power to heat ratio.

Designer Infrared Glass 

The designer range of glass infrared heating panels are stylish and cost effective. Our glass Infrared Panel heaters will add an air of elegance and
sophistication to any type of room, be it a bedroom, office or living space.

Available in black or white glass, they measure 550 X 600 – 550 X 1100 and 300 X 1800 to generate a healthy comfortable heated environment.

Frameless and minimalistic, they are perfect for any modern environment. With an IP65 rating, these glass panels are ideal to give a stylish, modern look to fit with your décor.

Plusheat Far Infrared – Premier Glass Heating Panels are available in 450W, 600W & 900W power sizes. They use the medium of glass to give a comforting heat. Its slimline profile gives the glass a floating effect on the walls.

Printed Panels

Plusheat offers a choice of images for printed panels, as well as custom printed panels using your own image if desired. These custom panels can be printed with an image of your choice so that it has a dual function of both looking like a piece of art on the wall while also heating your home.

Choose from any of the Aluminium panels available with a standard print, or supply your own image and we will custom print this for you with a family photo, beautiful scenery or any other image provide the quality is high enough.

Positioned correctly, you can heat your whole room from one, or a number of panels depending on the square footage. Using the Plusheat printed panels your home will be both beautiful and warm without the need for ugly radiators or additional heating methods that both take up room and can interfere with the room layout you desire


Ceramic Glass Infrared Panel Range

Plusheat’s Tinted Glass ceramic screen spreads comfort across the area while minimising light emissions.

Aesthetically pleasing, elegantly understated to create comfort while blending in with the environment. IP65 protection is suitable for outdoor or indoor use.

IR-B mid-wave infrared technology, wind resistant. Multiple Mounting Options, Wall Ceiling, suspended and recessed Mounting.


Titan Frameless Mirror

The stylish frameless Mirrored Infrared Heaters are perfect for any room, thanks to their unique antimisting properties and IP65 rating and polished edges to stop any rusting of the mirror.

Using the latest technology in manufacturing of glass mirror our innovative frameless infrared mirror, are available in three designs that will look equally amazing either in a bathroom or bedroom on the wall.

The circular model has a diameter of 900mm and will look equally as well in any room in the house.

To enhance the modern design, all heated mirrors are available with the back-lit effect, in warm white.


iCare Low Surface Temp

Aluminium Icare low surface temperature infrared heating panels are a powered coated satin finish surface. ICare is a low surface temperature infrared heating system.

Manufactured by Plusheat to exacting European standards. The Panels can be installed into walls or ceiling, providing highly efficient FAR infrared heating.

The low surface temperature maximum 45ºC make it compliant with standard regulation and makes it suitable for installation in a wide range of situations.


Antimicrobial Infrared

Our frameless aluminium or glass infrared heating panels with antimicrobial coating, this is an agent that interferes with the growth and reproduction of bacteria.

Antimicrobial finishes, in particular, help prevent and restrict the spread of harmful bacteria such as E. coli, Listeria and Pseudomonas on contact surfaces.

The hygiene H panels are suitable for hospital and clean rooms, where foreign bodies are disruptive to the process, using this specially treated infrared panel, reduces the present of harmful bacteria, whilst still giving the innovative and energy efficient infrared heating expected from a Plusheat panel.


Curved Portable Infrared

Light weight (2.13kg), petite (550 x 175mm) and with an elegant, arched design finally it’s possible to have a beautiful, efficient portable electric heater. Perfect for heating conservatories, caravans, mobile homes and much more.

  • No installation necessary. Ideal for those in rented properties. No need for approval from a landlord.
  • Sleek, rounded design that would adorn any room.
  • Robust, durable frame that keeps the panel steady when it’s stood freely.
  • Healthy direct heat also good for pets.
  • Reduced carbon footprint.
  • Evenly distributed heat via infrared rays. No more cold spots.


Mini Infrared Heater

Designed to fit under any standard kitchen base unit, these 70W aluminium Infrared plinth heaters are a great addition to Infrared panels or underfloor heating.

They can be daisy chained together for any size kitchen coming in black as a standard, hard wearing the aluminium casing protect the heater from damage.

Used as a supplement heat for airing cupboards, this healthy heat, gives a warming effect heating airing cupboard, giving fabric a soft heat to air clothes, the heater must not be covered, by is easily mounted to the inside of the cupboard
They come in matt black as standard.

Blade Outdoor Infrared Heater

Yandiya’s Blade infrared carbon heater, with aluminium body and stainless steel Grill, is ideal for outdoor patio areas. Aesthetically pleasing design with the added control feature of a three setting on the remote control version. Designed and manufactured to be elegantly understated to create comfort while blending in with the environment and giving a soft glow light of 300Lumen.

  • IP65 protection is suitable for outdoor or indoor use.
  • Latest carbon infrared technology, with mid-wave radiation content, Immediate heat with no warm-up time.
  • Weather-independent: no heat loss through air Movement.
  • Aluminium wall-mounted bracket included, adjustable angel is 45°.
  • Economical to operate, affordable with low running costs, high heating efficiency, Zero maintenance, Silent operation, no UV, Environment friendly.

Zero Outdoor Heater

Radiant heaters are often the most effective and preferred way to heat an outdoor or tough-to-heat indoor area. Unlike traditional convection
heaters, electric panel wall heaters will heat people or objects, not air. In outdoor areas, hot air is blown away, while in open indoor areas, the hot air rises to the ceiling or is lost via ventilation. Radiant heat will comfortably and energy-efficiently provide direct heat to people is this
Like the heat rays emitted by the sun, the ceiling or wall mounted power heaters emit radiant warmth from above. A unique infrared element and
alloy heating surface produces even, radiant warmth directly to individual people and surfaces below. Unlike traditional outdoor heaters, which aim to heat the surrounding air and can result in high temperatures close to the heat source and lower temperatures further away, the radiant heat emitted by our power heaters penetrates through the air to provide a comfortable, even temperature. High intensity electric radiant overhead heater with high surface area profiled alloy, Suitable for ceiling, wall, beam, fixed umbrella and recess mounting.


Heated Infrared Towel Rail

The Plusheat solution to bathroom towel dryer heaters is to offer a stylish rail heaters that dry towels to leave them with a naturally fresh and sun-dried feel.

Low energy consumption heaters are available in 120 watts. Our heated towel rails provide comfort and warmth, complemented by a sleek and elegant design.

Its subtle and elegant appearance makes it particularly suitable for bathrooms where It blends easily with any interior.

IP65 Rated with simple on/off switch, or can be controlled via thermostat controls.

Infrared Underfloor Heating

Plusheat Infrared carbon fibre underfloor heating film technology combines the best to offer of modern nanotechnology. This remarkably effective underfloor heating system can be installed quickly under all floor types including carpet, wood, tile and lino.

Only needing to cover 70% of the floor area it keeps costs to a minimum. The infrared element begins to warm the room as soon as the system is switched on. Having no moving parts, it requires just a standard electric plug.

  • Ultra thin, heating film only 0.38mm
  • Quick and easy to install
  • 200 watts per square metre at 800mm widths
  • Suitable to install under all floor types
  • Fireproof with 15-year manufacturers warranty
  • Only 70% coverage of the floor surface needed

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