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In order to understand your electricity consumption, we need to see your electricity bills for at least the last 6 months. The longer the period of your electricity bill, the better we can evaluate your pattern of consumption.To get started just get in touch with us. We will ask you to fill in a form, which will give us enough information to generate an initial report. We will provide you with 3D software modelling with size and cost of the installation – to show you your options.


In case you find the initial report acceptable, our expert engineers will visit your premises and install an electrical Smartmeter that will accurately record the electrical consumption at finer levels of detail. We will only use this information with other data that we collect during the site visit in order to create a customer-specific quotation. We will also discuss the planning application process, financing options and any new Government initiatives and schemes that may be applicable at the moment or in the near future.


After we have received a quantifiable amount of data from the Smartmeter you will receive your no-obligation quote. We use the latest computer modelling software to show you how your system will perform once installed at your premises, having taken into consideration details such as the angle of your roof, the shape of your trees and the way the sun moves across your property. This quote will tell you how much power your system will generate during the year.


As part of the quotation procedure the decision on where and how the system will be installed will have to be thoroughly discussed and agreed upon along with any local authority planning permission required. As part of our service we contact the electrical supplier and we assist with planning permissions and national or local grant schemes that may be available.Typically it can take up to 3 months to achieve the relevant permissions, during which time we are still monitoring your electrical usage to finetune the system.


When we have all the data we need and a signed contract, we will arrange a mutually convenient date to install your renewable energy system. Our highly-qualified engineers are friendly and tidy and will only need to turn your power off for a few minutes. The installation takes between one and two days. Our systems are designed to European Standards, they are CE Approved, they had been individually checked to the latest performance standards with all output reading taken and recorded. All of this is fully documented and handed to you as part of your Owner’s Manual. From then on, you start saving and are firmly on the path to energy self-sufficiency.


After the System is up and running, you can use our portal to see exactly how much energy you’re generating, what percentage you’re using and how much you have in storage. It also gives you instant access to our customer service team, in case you need any help or have questions.

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