EnergieXPro aims to deliver to each client an accurate forecast of the electricity production capacity of their future solar system for the duration of its lifespan and the optimal way to integrate it with the existing electrical system. In order to do that EnergieXPro has to conduct a site survey and be given access to the client’s premises. 

A solar PV site survey involves the visit of one of our engineers who will carry out a drone survey and install an Energy Data Logger to record real time energy usage for a 7 to 14-day period. A thorough site inspection including a check on present electrical installation along with analysis of present energy bills. It is much appreciated if the client has ready to supply:

After all the information is collected and input in our specialised software, EnergieXPro will be able to identify:

The optimum location of a PV array in relation to system performance (yields) Vs location constraints

Solar panel mounting options

Any structural requirements in relation to the additional loads imposed on roofs and buildings by solar PV panels

Roof measurements and roof condition

Capacity and condition of existing power system

Local shading considerations in relation to chimneys, trees and other buildings which might affect the performance of a solar PV installation

Any electrical, roof, ground or other works that will be required at the installation site before a PV system can be commissioned

Any potential on-site hazards and risks related to a PV system and its installation

Any possible grid connection restrictions and electrical works required before grid connection

Any planning permission considerations and applicable building regulations

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